Green Grailville

As a member of OEFFA (The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association), we are working to build a healthy food system that brings prosperity to family farmers, helps preserve farmland, offers food security for all Ohioans and creates economic opportunities for rural communities.

162 of our 300 acres are certified organic, including gardens, fields and woodlands. Here are some facts about food at Grailville.

  • We grow produce in a ½ acre kitchen garden, orchard and herb garden for the meals we serve to guests.
  • EarthShares Community Supported Agriculture program leases 5 acres at Grailville to produce vegetables for 100 member families.
  • Excess produce from both gardens is sold to the public at an on-site produce stand and at the Loveland Farmers Market.
  • 75 acres of Grailville pasture is leased to support 50 head of cattle in a grass fed beef enterprise.
  • The same strain of gourmet garlic has been grown continuously in our gardens since 1979. We harvest over 200 pounds annually.
  • Our bee hives provide honey, which can be purchased seasonally in the Grailville store.
  • A small flock of chickens provide fresh eggs for residents and staff.
  • Our land supports several varieties of nut and fruit trees, including black walnuts, chestnuts, apples, pears and pawpaws.

Grailville strives to be green as we care for our 10 re-purposed buildings and over 300 acres of fields, ponds, woods and creeks. We’re excited to share our initiatives related to food, water, and waste.

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