gv-gardensAs a member of OEFFA (The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association), we are working to build a healthy food system that brings prosperity to family farmers, helps preserve farmland, offers food security for all Ohioans and creates economic opportunities for rural communities.

  • 162 of our 300 acres are certified organic, including gardens, fields and woodlands
  • Our 70 year old ½ acre kitchen garden, orchard and herb garden and our brand new 4-acre vegetable and flower garden provide produce for residents, volunteers and for sale at the Loveland Farmers’ Market.
  • The same strain of gourmet garlic has been grown continuously in our gardens since 1979. We harvest over 200 pounds annually.
  • In 2016 we will re-establish a bee colony and introduce a Monarch Butterfly garden—an Eagle Scout project—onsite.
  • A small flock of chickens provide fresh eggs for residents and staff.
  • Our land supports several varieties of nut and fruit trees, including black walnuts, chestnuts, apples, pears and pawpaws.
  • For the adventuresome, Grailville grows a bed of prickly pears which can be harvested and used in many recipes.
  • Earth-Shares Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program leases 5 acres at Grailville to produce vegetables for 100 member families with extras sold at the onsite stand and Loveland Farmers’ Market.
  • 75 acres of Grailville pasture is leased to support 50 head of cattle in a grass-fed beef enterprise.