Green Grailville

On a finite planet, what we do with what we can no longer use matters. So too, we can make a difference with the products that we choose to use. Here are some facts about waste at Grailville.

  • We compost food waste from the Dining Room for use in the kitchen garden. In addition, worm bins produce vermicompost, which is available for sale.
  • We provide recycling bins in all our buildings so that staff and guests can keep recyclables out of the landfill.
  • We use recycled paper, coreless toilet paper, unbleached paper towels, and non-toxic cleaning and laundry supplies in our offices, buildings and bathrooms.
  • A constructed wetland treats sewage and wastewater from four of our main retreat center buildings, including the dining room, our laundry facility, and two buildings for overnight guests. For more about this system, the first of its kind in Ohio, see the following pages:

Grailville strives to be green as we care for our 10 re-purposed buildings and over 300 acres of fields, ponds, woods and creeks. We’re excited to share our initiatives related to food, water, and waste.

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