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Grailville is part of the Little Miami River watershed and strives to keep our ecosystem beautiful and healthy. Water is a precious resource. Here are some facts about water at Grailville.

  • 20 acres of our land are in a conservation easement through the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation Service’s Streambank Protection Program, which protects the acres from development in perpetuity. The holder of the easement is Little Miami, Inc., a non-profit conservation organization focused on protecting the Little Miami River watershed. The Little Miami River is a State and National Scenic River.
  • We planted young walnut trees on 18 acres of erodible land in reforestation project as part of the Clermont County Soil and Water Conservation District’s NatureWorks program.
  • A 9,000 gallon rainwater catchment system on our Dining Room irrigates the kitchen garden and orchard.
  • 3 rain gardens hold rainwater run off on site and grow beautiful flowers.
  • Water from one of our ponds irrigates the 5 acre EarthShares Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) garden.
  • Water saving devices are installed in kitchens and bathrooms throughout our buildings, including low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads.
  • A constructed wetland treats sewage and wastewater from four of our main retreat center buildings, including the dining room, our laundry facility, and two buildings for overnight guests. For more about this system, the first of its kind in Ohio, see the following pages:

Grailville strives to be green as we care for our 10 re-purposed buildings and over 300 acres of fields, ponds, woods and creeks. We’re excited to share our initiatives related to food, water, and waste.

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