Fundamental to Grailville has been our connection with nature as a source of the sacred, and as a source of sustenance. The extended community that has sprung up around us provides additional ways for you to explore nature in all its beauty.

The Loveland Bike Trail is a section of the over 70 flat paved miles of the Little Miami Scenic State Park. The trail in the vicinity of Loveland is particularly popular because of its easy access, historic downtown, ice cream, coffee and tea shops, restaurants and special attractions.

East Loveland Nature Preserve hikers can experience the landscape in the East Loveland Nature Preserve which connects directly with our northernmost trails. Watch for native birds, explore the nature trail, and enjoy the sounds of O’Bannon Creek.

Loveland Canoe and Kayak Rental strives to create a family friendly environment that encourages the exploration and appreciation of the Little Miami River through outdoor adventure.

Art & History

At Grailville, we understand that art is to be created, used, appreciated and lived. Nearby Loveland has grown into an artists’ haven. We hope you take time to enjoy all that is there to explore.

The Loveland Stage Company is dedicated to bringing quality theater to the Loveland community. Members, volunteers all, are afforded the best opportunities to exercise their interests and talents, while their club provides the best amateur theater our community can produce.

Loveland Artist Studios on Main is home to artists in what used to be a school and then a shirt factory. You can visit the artists, browse the gallery, and purchase artwork, jewelry, pottery, and fiber art on the “Second Saturday” of each month from 6 to 10 pm. Light fare and beverages are provided.

The Greater Loveland Historical Society Museum offers guests the chance to discover the lives of Ohio’s pioneers, explore Victorian-era comfort, and learn about the changes that time, innovation, and the industrial revolution brought to this early suburb and rural escape.

Art House II is the working studio and gallery of Deirdre Dyson, a local resident and Chamber member who has built her career as a professional artist and instructor over 35 years in Loveland. Her studio is open at 430 W. Loveland Avenue, just two doors down from the Chamber’s offices in The Bauer House.  Visitors are welcome when she is there, or by appointment (683-0349).

For a complete list of the restaurants, bars, live music, activities and shops in the Greater Loveland Area, please visit the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce.