Grailville is home to many converted 19th and early 20th century structures. We are pleased to offer four for use by the public. Please contact our staff through the general contact form to get more information about having your event at Grailville.


The Oratory

Dedicated to worship, meditation, weddings and other ceremonies, Grailville’s award-winning Oratory is a beautiful, sacred space. Holding up to 250 people, the Oratory was a dairy barn built in 1813 and converted in 1962 by William Schickel, a renowned artist and the spouse of Grail member, Mary Schickel.

  • There is a tiered fee structure for the use of the Oratory, with the base rate $425 for a full day. This rate includes indoor seating, a basic a/v system and a piano. This is a DIY wedding venue, with clients responsible for both set-up and tear-down.
  • Origin of the Name: A place for prayer simply named in accord with its purpose.

Grailville does not offer indoor reception space, but wedding parties may choose to rent the “P” beside the Oratory for a tented reception. Because it is a sacred space, the Oratory cannot double as a reception site in inclement weather. Clients who choose to host a tented reception may choose the vendors that provide what they need within some basic guidelines.

  • The fee for the “P” is $200/event.


St Brigid’s
This former hoggery (pig barn) has been transformed into a quiet, private meeting space for up to 40 people. The interior is illuminated by skylights and features a piano, air conditioning and back patio. The building also includes a small lounge, restrooms and a kitchenette. Slightly separated from the main cluster of Grailville buildings, yet near the labyrinth and organic garden, St Brigid’s is ideal for day retreats and workshops.gv-meeting

  • Guests can rent St. Brigid’s for a full day meeting or workshop ($200/day) or for a brief (1-2 hour) meeting ($25/meeting)
  • View the floor plan for St. Brigid’s.
  • Origin of the Name: The name St. Brigid’s was adopted for the building because it became a center for ceramics, enameling, and silk-screening and St. Brigid of Ireland was herself a skilled craftswoman. It is also known as the art barn.


Tidings is a cozy, two-story farm house situated across the road from the dining room. A favorite spot for smaller groups, Tidings provides a home-like atmosphere. This building can host 12 people in 2 single, 2 double and 2 triple occupancy rooms with 3 full shared bathrooms. The first floor includes a kitchen, a sunny front porch, and three sitting rooms or comfortable meeting spaces. Tidings is air-conditioned.

  • Guests can book by bedroom ($60+tax/night) or by the entire house ($360+tax/night).
  • Guests can ALSO rent Tidings for a full day meeting or workshop ($200/day) or for a brief (1-2 hour) meeting ($25/meeting). Meeting rental enables guests to utilize the first floor space.
  • View the floor plan for Tidings.
  • Origin of the Name: Named for the Good Tidings since it housed the flourishing Grailville publication center.

The Ark is no longer available for rental as it is being transformed into our new Welcome Center!

We will be making the big move at the end of August.

Please note, rates listed above are subject to change.