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Presentations, workshops and retreats on topics related to spiritual search, social transformation, ecological sustainability, and creativity.

Deepen your connection with spirit. Engage with others in spiritual search. Intensify and expand your spiritual practice with programs reflecting the diversity of the Grail’s expression of spirituality.
Whether an experienced poet or new writer, let the practice of poetry help you find new meaning and inspiration in your creative and spiritual life.
Build new skills to live lightly and well on the earth we share while experiencing the connections between people, the earth and the food we eat.
Extend your reach! Develop your understanding of issues from a worldwide perspective and take your place as a global citizen.
Gather at Grailville for food, fun and fellowship. Festive meals. Exceptional performances. Liturgical celebrations in our award-winning Oratory that are uniquely Grail.
Other type, special events and activities going on at Grailville.
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