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Our labyrinth, mown in the grass and 200 feet in diameter, is one of the largest in the Midwest. Described as a Cretan labyrinth, the most universally used labyrinth pattern, its name refers to the Greek island of Crete and the labyrinth there, in the palace of Knossos. This pattern was chosen for Grailville’s labyrinth because it has traditionally symbolized feminine spirituality and the universality of all religions.


Unlike a maze, a labyrinth contains a single continuous path that leads to the center of a spiraling or regularly circling pattern. At its most basic level, the labyrinth is a metaphor for a journey to the center of one’s deepest self and back. A journey to the center and back can provide both opportunity and inspiration for quiet meditation, reflection, prayer, and self-awareness.

Found in almost all religious traditions around the world, labyrinths have re-emerged from the ages as a spiritual tool for creating sacred space, for journeying inward, and for reconnecting with the Earth/Cosmos. Ancient labyrinth patterns, which date back to 4500 B.C., are found in Northern Europe, India, Peru, Greece, and the American Southwest.

Our outdoor labyrinth is available during daylight hours. Meditators are invited to the Welcome Center for labyrinth information, program flyers, fair-trade gifts and more information about the history and mission of Grailville and The Grail.

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